Sac23 S9 Port For S8
big thanks to Thanks @ for ar 3dmods and dolbymods

1- Basado en la nueva base del s8 y la nueva base del S9
3-debloated some unuseful -non working features like iris recognition .
4-added face unlock
5-added aod manual brightness
6-rooted with magisk
7-added tweaks for faster performance
8-added speed transitions
9-first ever fully working camera AR emojie 3d stickers
10-fully working dolby atmos
11-added josete grx touchwiz mod v8
12-added sac settings (full of features ) thanks @Grouxho & ther

*** sac settings features :
1-new grxsettings app design thanks grouxho
2- all mods are on fly
3- option in grx settings for colour picker design (square -flower -circle) and much more options check it yourself
4-status bar mods :
new invented mods for status bar items visibility , colours , positions on user and lock screen , thanks great grouxho for it
5-full screen /immersive mod
6-show number of notifications on status bar
7-battery percent show hide
8-netwok speed show hide
9- choose colour for items in dark backgrounds and light backgrounds on user and lockscreen & same for colours and visibility
10- new amazing ,exclusive grx circular battery mod and fully customizable (colours - position -hide show - thin/ thick frame -bold / thin text )

11 - recent screen mods :
swap info mods fully customizable
-recents background

12-lockscreen mods :
-finger print unlock after reboot
-notifications quick relpy
-fingerprint wakeup
-lockscreen rotation
-quick smart unlock
-screen off time duration
-scramble pin keypad
-swipe text switch
-unlock icon colours
-pin keypad colourization
lockscreen aod clock widget switch to shift between aod clock and customed clock and date on lockscreen
-customed date on lockscreen format and size
-customed clock on lockscreen
bold style /colours
-carrier text customization

13- notification panel mods :
-header colours
-tiles colurs
-brightness slider colours
-quick lanuch panel ,, new launcher under notification panel to add what you want (app- activity -shortcut )
fully customizable (exclusive)

14-data usage customed mod
15- exclusive notification colours mod not available in any other roms thanks grouxho
16- notification manager :
led per app & led , sound , vibration , quiet hours for all
17-expanded /shrinked single notification
-clear persistant notifications
18-volume warning
19- key light duration
20- outdoor mod
21- new remapping all keys mod to remap keys on lockscreen ,, user screen , off screen
22-new floating ball mod fully customizable on lock and home screen for touch /swipe to trigger apps or actions thanks grouxho
23- app protection white lists for kill app, remove app, clear memory and popups , vibrations control
and much moreeee i can't remember

thanks to welly and hamdy and john testers great job guys

v1 -

Flash me after

How To Flash
Flashrom let boot reboot into recovery and flash fix then done